Kanye West Fired Bodyguard Because He Tried To Talk To Kim


Kanye West does not hide how much he loves his wife Kim Kardashian, but it seems that his love now turned into an obsession.

As reported by “Daily Mail” famous rapper turned wild when he saw the bodyguard Steve Stanulis trying to start a conversation with Kim and immediately fired him.

The incident reportedly took place in front of a hotel in New York, where the famous couple was staying for the Met gala dinner. Eyewitnesses told the media that the Kanye went completely insane.

Stanulis, who previously worked with stars such as Leonardo DiCaprio and Alanis Morissette, allegedly gave Kim a package that arrived at the reception to her name. Kanye saw them and began to scream.

The bodyguard said that did not try to flirt with Kim.

– I’m happily married and I have three children. No comment – said bodyguard.



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