Photo That Shocked The World! Angelina Has 35 Kilograms!


Over the years Angelina is getting criticized about her skinny look. As time passes, the famous actress looks slimmer and slimmer. In her latest photos, we can see how the whole thing is actually serious.

Angelina was spotted coming out of a restaurant in London on 25 April. Although she tried to cover her thin body with layers of clothing, we are still able to see her tiny hands and feet. According to The National Enquirer, the actress weighs only 35 kg, which is extremely little for her height of 169 cm. Her weight problem began when her mother died in 2007.

Angelina Jolie

– I’ve always been thin, and this year I lost my mother, and go through a lot of things. Instead of people saying that I look like a person who is facing with emotional problems, they suppose that I lose weight because I want to get into the tight jeans. I want people to understand that I am a person with feelings that tries to survive a difficult year, not someone who just wants to look fit – she said once.


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