CALIEXIT? California Wants To Leave USA After Election Results


The citizens of California dissatisfied with Trump victory expressed massive anger and disappointment on Twitter.
The citizens of California dissatisfied with win of Donald Trump’s presidential election more massive expressed anger and disappointment on Twitter and made hashtag “caliexit” which gathers more and more people who want to secede from America!

The inhabitants of the most populous states, the majority voted for Hillary Clinton. Disappointed Republican voters supported the idea that, like the British who voted to get out of the European Union, California secede from the rest of the United States.

Rich country on the west coast with a population of 39 million as current figures shows is the sixth largest economy in the world.
Among the tweets with hashtag #Caliexit, there are witty comments trying to improve the mood of Hillary voters, but there are also Twitter users who think that the rest of America will not be disappointed if California decides to secede .

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